We collaborate with carriers throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada to provide efficient transportation solutions. With years of experience in the industry, we leverage our vast network of carriers to deliver cost-effective and professional transportation services.

Ocean Transportation

Jominis’ Ocean Transportation department ensures optimal routing and service for your freight. With our extensive solutions portfolio, we securely and efficiently transport your goods to their destination. Our strong contract rates with global steamship lines, coupled with our network of partner agents, guarantee competitive rates and end-to-end visibility for you.

Air Transportation

Jomini Freight provides specialized expertise supported by extensive experience in international airfreight cargo services. We have established special agreements with leading airlines, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation solutions for your needs.

Groung Logistics

Full TruckLoad Shipping

Our company offers complete truckload coverage across North America, allowing us to reach any destination from any geographic origin, be it a 48′ or 53′ trailer. With access to over one million operators in the United States, we provide exceptional customer service and unparalleled availability, no matter the time or location.


Our transportation services encompass small, partial, and fractionated loads that do not require a full truckload to be shipped. We provide prompt quotes for such shipments and collaborate with North America’s most reputable carriers to ensure efficient and reliable delivery



Our container management service covers all types of containers at ocean and rail terminals, catering to short distances of up to 500 miles, depending on the inbound or outbound terminal. We collaborate with highly reputable drayage companies to ensure efficient and reliable container transportation. Our team strives to secure the necessary availability to meet your needs.


We provide a diverse range of specialized trucks, including Hotshot, Flatbed, Stepdeck, Lowboy, Double Drop, multi-axle, and RGN, to accommodate oversized and overweight loads. Our team is well-versed in all transportation regulations governing the United States of America and Canada, ensuring compliance and safety.

Typically, a hot-shot truck is a dual-wheeled pickup truck with a diesel engine that is specifically designed to haul a gooseneck trailer. This type of transportation is ideal for loads that require an open trailer but are neither too heavy nor too long.

A flatbed truck, which can be articulated or rigid, features a completely flat and level body, devoid of sides or roof, as its name suggests. This design allows for quicker and simpler loading of goods, making it ideal for transporting heavy loads that are not susceptible to adverse weather conditions or damage. Typically, this includes construction equipment and other oversized loads that require more space than a closed-body truck can provide.

Restrictions (Without permits)

  •  Weight (lbs): 45k-48k
  • Length: 45’-48’
  • Width: 8’6’’
  •  Height: 8’6’’

This type of truck is similar to a flatbed, but features a lower deck that is capable of transporting taller items.

Restrictions (Without permits)

  • Weight (lbs): 43k-46k
  • Upper deck: 10’
  • Lower deck Length: 37’-43’
  •  Width: 8’6’’
  • Height: 10’6’’
RGN (Removable Gooseneck) trailers are utilized to transport lengthy items with a low deck that sits just a few inches above the ground. They facilitate the loading of large equipment onto the trailer by simply driving it on. The front of the trailer is detachable, enabling it to lower to the ground and serve as a ramp.

Restrictions (Without permits)

  • Weight (lbs): 38k-42k
  • Wheel deck Length: 37’-43’
  • Width: 8’6’’
  • Height: 12’
A multiaxle trailer is a non-motorized wheeled vehicle created to transport indivisible heavy loads. It features a low step frame, typically between three to six axles, and six to eight wheels per axle. The increased number of axles and wheels decreases the load per wheel on the road, resulting in greater stability during transport. These trailers are capable of carrying loads between 20 to 60 tons, depending on their freight-carrying capacity.

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